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  • Animal Bedding

  • Top Spray offers a consistent source of various types of bedding material available year round. Top Spray can supply your animal bedding material needs with deliveries of sawdust, shavings or bedding (post peelings and sawdust).


    Our 53' trailers have a 148 yard per-load capacity and are equipped with walking floors. Night delivery and smaller volume walking-floor truck capacity of 50 yards are also available.

    Blower Truck Applications: Hard-to-access areas can take advantage of having our Blower Trucks apply sawdust and shavings to your bedding areas.

    Current Operations using sawdust/shavings are: Equine, Bovine and Poultry

    Sawdust is derived from our green wood and remains consistent in texture.
    Shavings comes from our kiln-dried wood products and can vary in size depending on the material being planed that day.
    Bedding is a combination of post peelings and sawdust.

    Benefits of our animal bedding products are:

    • Highly absorbent
    • Easy to muck out
    • Easy to store and dispose
    • Less prone to dust and mold
    • Non-palatable

    Due to our large volume of customers, new orders may be put on a waiting list. Please call us for more information.