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  • Mulch - Before & After Care

  • Mulch offers great benefits to both your soil and plants such as weed control and moisture retention.  

    Following the before and after care procedures listed will maximize the use and benefits mulch provides:

    Before application:

    • Flowerbeds should be weeded prior to mulching and edges defined.
    • Water your flowerbed prior to applying mulch to lock in moisture.

    If receiving a blower truck application:

    • Sprinkler heads and small delicate plants should be flagged or covered with a pail. Decorative items should be removed from the garden beds. 
    • Please ensure your house windows are closed as fine dust can occur during the application process.
    • For health and safety reasons, please keep pets inside or on a leash during the application. Your yard must also be clear of any pet feces.

    After application:

    • Mulch should not be pushed against plant or tree stems. Please ensure you leave a 2-3 inch (7-10 cm) clearance and 6 inches (15 cm) for large trees.
    • Water all mulched areas using a rain gauge in your beds until 1 inch (25 mm) level has been obtained. Watering will lock the mulch in place and help the finer pieces settle to the bottom for maximum weed control. Periodically monitor the soil under the mulch for moisture levels. The soil should feel damp, not soaked. 
    • In the summer, if high winds are expected, give your mulch a good soaking to help it stay in place. Protect your mulch from blowing away in dry winters by moving some snow onto the area.
    • In the spring renew your mulch and its initial colour by giving it a light rake.  In fall, the mulch can be turned with a shovel to place the fallen leaves under.  
    • As your mulch naturally breaks down, it provides your soil with added nutrients.  It will also need to be topped up to maintain a 2-3 inch (7-10 cm) layer every 3 to 5 years.
    • In humid areas, it is possible for mold to appear. Mold does not pose any risk to people, pets or plants. It can be controlled by applying baking soda onto the affected areas.