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  • Soil Blends - NutriLoam and NutriOM

  • NutriLoam

    NutriLoam is a high-quality soil blend used for creating a rich planting medium. This professional blend is manufactured with compost, peat moss/Montane and sand.

    Planters: Use at full strength as a potting soil for planters. Apply at an inch or two above desired planting level to account for some product settling that will occur. Monitor moisture regularly at first until product becomes accustomed to absorbing water.

    Topsoil Conditioning for new lawns: A layer of NutriLoam is a great addition to give sod the nutrition it needs for healthy root growth.

    Soil Conditioning: Apply in gardens or beds as an amendment to your soil to improve the quality and condition.

    What you can expect from using NutriLoam Product:

    • Better soil quality
    • Improved drainage
    • Increased water absorption and retention
    • Increases organic matter in your soil
    • Reduced soil compaction
    • Healthier plants

    Cochrane Mulch & Soil Depot - Pickup price $36.50/yard
    Cochrane Bags 28L: $5.75 each


  • NutriOM

    GARDENS  and PLANTERS:  NutriOM is a soil amendment to mix in with your existing soil, NutriOM will provide the necessary nutrients your plants and vegetables will need to grow healthy. 

    Cochrane Mulch & Soil Depot - Pickup price $40/yard

    Cochrane Bags 28L - $4.00 each